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Exposure to THOUSANDS OF real followers

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Sit back and relax, and watch the new followers roll in, each and every day!

100% Safe & Simple

Our service is 100% safe, with no software required, and we don't need access to your account or login details!

EXTRA Side Benefits

Exclusive Data

After reaching 10k+, Instagram may give you access to detailed data on your followers, like age, sex, location, most active hours, & more!

This is information is vital if you're running Ads, and also lets you know the best time to post for maximum engagement

Instant Recognition

After reaching 10K+ followers this will help your business or brand as your Instagram profile will get more recognition, social proof, visibility and exposure, and people are more likely to want to follow you as so many others already do.

Grow Even Faster

Once you reach over 10K+ followers, the analytics data, credibility boost, and story links will allow you to grow your followers and sales even faster!

Plus, you can also exchange shoutouts with other similar size accounts to catapult your growth further.


When you have 10K+ followers, you can use the 'Swipe Up' feature in your Stories which attaches a link that followers can swipe up to visit.


The most popular way Instagram influencers make money is through sponsored posts.

When influencers reach 100K+ followers, they typically charge $1,000+ for just one post. For example, Sam Ushiro has 283k followers and charges $1,500 a post.

How Much Money Can You Make As an Influencer?


Once you gain 30k followers, on average brands will pay you $150 per sponsored post.


Once you reach 30k Instagram followers, whenever you post an Instagram Story with a clickable/swipe up link, you'll get around 300 people click the link to your chosen destination, such as your website/store. To understand the value of this, compare this to buying Instagram Ads which will cost you around $1 per click.
So therefore each Story you publish with a clickable link has a value equivalent to spending $300 on Instagram Ads.

Potential Earnings from an Account with 30K Followers

If each day you share two posts on your profile and one story, then each month this is 60 profile posts and 30 story posts/month.

So let's look at how much money you could make if 25% of your posts are sponsored shoutouts


25% of 60 posts = 15 sponsored posts/month

15 posts x$150 per sponsored post = $2,250 /month = $27,000 /year in total shoutout earnings


Now let's look at the value of this traffic in comparison to buying Instagram Ads:

60 profile posts x $40 = $2,400

30 story posts x $300 = $9,000

So in total that's $11,400/month worth of equivalent Instagram Ad traffic


We are currently only accepting 10 people at any given time, in order to maintain quality of our service.

Distributed on a first-come, first-served basis

2 DayS


Estimated gain 1K-2k followers

1 Week


Estimated gain 5k-7k followers
+ Boss-of-the-Week shoutout

1 Month


Estimated gain 20k-30k followers
+ Boss-of-the-Month shoutout
+ Exclusive shoutout

Before & After Results

1 Week promotion

Before (3.4k)

After (9.5k)

1 Month promotion

Before (1.7k)

After (26.7k)

4 Day promotion

Before (6.5k)

After (10.3k)

1 Day promotion

Before (328)

After (2.4k)

2 Day promotion

Before (2.9k)

After (5.6k)

4 Day promotion

Before (668)

After (4.6k)


Results will vary so we cannot give an exact number, but currently you can expect exposure to up to 600 followers a day while using our service.

This means you can expect exposure to up to 20K+ followers a month, and 200K+ followers over 12 months of using our service.

Your account will get exposure by being featured/promoted on our Exclusive accounts.

No! We do not need any access to your account and never ask for your password or login details.

Do not use any service or software that requires you to give your login details! This is unsafe and Instagram is cracking down on this.

With other services you have to wait weeks or months before you see any results and know if it is working or not.

With our service you get instant results, so your account will start growing from day 1, and continue to grow each and every day while using our service!

Yes! Our service is 100% safe and your account will be fine as our service is compliant with Instagram's Terms & Conditions.

However, please ensure you are NOT using any other service at the same time as our service, as we have no control over those other services that may put your account at risk.

Once you make the payment we will have you up and running usually within 24-48 hours!

No! There are no contracts or commitments! You are simply billed for the package length you choose. You can cancel anytime, at which point you will lose access to our service for the period you have not yet paid for.

No! Our service provides your account with exposure to thousands of followers, it does not provide or guarantee any engagement.

You can think of our service as like running Instagram Ads to help get your account in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

When you run Instagram Ads your account gets exposure to many people. Our service essentially does the same thing, but with the added benefit of them following your account also, and our service is a lot more cost efficient too!

Let's look at an example below:

  • If you spend £997 on Instagram Ads, this will cost you on average a MINIMUM of £0.50 per click! So this will give your account exposure to only 1,994 people, and out of those 1,994 people that see your Ad, if 5% decide to follow you, then you only get 100 followers!
  • Now, if you spent that same amount on our service, your account will get exposure to up to 20,000+ followers! So in this example our service will give you at minimum 10 times the exposure, and 200 times the followers!

When you buy followers, these are fake/inactive accounts, basically not real people, and so your account gets ZERO exposure! Also, when you buy fake followers this puts your account at serious risk, as it's against Instagram's Terms of Service!

Our service provides you with exposure to REAL active people, and is 100% safe! 

Let's look at an example below:

  • If you buy fake followers, Instagram is very smart and knows, so they will remove them and also punish/shadowban your account! This means your account will struggle to get organic growth because Instagram will limit your account's reach and visibility, and stop your content from showing up on the Explore page. 
  • Now with our service, you are getting exposure to thousands of REAL active Instagram users, which is inline with Instagram's Terms of Service and so your account is safe. Plus, when you reach 10K+ followers with our service, Instagram will even reward you by giving you access to In-depth data about your followers and also give you the swipe up feature so you can use links in your stories.

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